A combination of deep tissue, stretching and trigger point massage therapy techniques. Therapeutic in nature and designed to heal particular health issues, muscle problems and injuries. This requires active participation from the client. The therapist will also perform muscle and range of motion testing.

  1 hr 1.5hr 2h
Standard $125.95 $188.95 $251.90
Members $92.95 $139.95 $185.90

Remedial Massage Treatment Plan

Remedial massage is a therapeutic form of massage. Remedial massages are designed to alleviate stress and tension from your body, heal health issues, muscle problems and injuries in addition to addressing general postural alignment issues. Your remedial therapist will perform a postural assessment and range of motion testing followed by a remedial massage treatment tailored just for you to address those identified restrictions and pain points. Working collaboratively with each individual is an integral part of the treatment journey. 

Many people are unaware that there is a difference between deep tissue and remedial massages. Deep Tissue Massage aims to release tension in the entire body by focusing on areas with chronic pain, such as tight muscles or nerves; while Remedial massage treatment focuses more specifically on injured tissues through very specific techniques meant only for those particular problems - often including light pressure and slow movements amongst other remedial therapy techniques which may take you an hour instead of just 30 minutes! At the conclusion of your treatment session, your remedial therapist may also provide you with home exercises which may include stretching and strengthening exercises for your specific injury or issue.

Private health fund rebates may be available. HiCaps is also available in our studios based in Booragoon.