First Time – What to Expect

First Time – What to Expect

On Arrival

  • Welcome to Urban Massage Studio
  • So things aren’t uncomfortable, here a couple of things you should know.
  • When it’s your first visit to Urban Massage Studio please arrive 10 -15 mins early to fill out some important details, this is to advise our therapists of any medical history or other physical conditions we should be aware of before we start your massage.
  • Unfortunately in some circumstances we can't massage, and if you're pregnant, please understand our prenatal massage is NOT performed if you are in your first trimester.
  • There’s only one exception and that is if we have your doctor's consent in writing.
  • Once that’s all done, you will meet your wonderful therapist and your Session will begin, your therapist will guide you to your room. Once in the room, your therapist will go through your information with you, at this time you will be asked if there are any particular areas which need addressing, don’t be shy in explaining as this is the time to ask. Remember to be on time because each session allows 10 mins for undressing and dressing and discussing your treatment plan.


  • Getting ready for your massage.
  • If you’ve never had a massage before you may feel slightly awkward undressing to your underwear, but at Urban Massage Studio each therapist respects your discretion.
  • When you enter the room you will notice a massage table, chair and shelf. Each room is provided with a set of freshly laundered towels, one towel should be placed on the table for you to lie on and the other to cover your body, along with a head rest and a fresh disposable head-rest cover.
  • Within a couple of minutes your massage therapist will leave the room and wait outside while you get ready for your massage. Step one: remove your clothes to your underwear. Step two: lie face down on the massage table. Step three: place the towel over your body.
  • So you feel comfortable at all times, the therapist will ensure the top towel will always be draped over your body throughout your massage session. So we make sure that your modesty is respected, your massage therapist will only uncover the part of the body they are working on.
  • To give you the best experience possible each room has adjustable audio volume, please let your therapist know if you are comfortable with the sound volume, or if you prefer it can be turned off. You will notice that your therapist will then dim the lighting down once you are now ready for your massage.
  • Out of respect for other clients we ask that your mobile phone is turned off completely, if your phone is on silent the vibration will still make an audible sound in such a quiet environment.


  • Massage Time!
  • Relax, You're in good Hands
  • Breathe!
  • You may not be aware with all the quiet around you, but your communication is very important to getting the best out of your massage experience, don't be shy! Your therapist is expecting your feedback, they want you to have the best massage possible.
  • Remember to Keep Breathing!
  • Your therapist genuinely cares for you, they will ask you to advise them if at any time during your massage, a technique or stroke they are using is uncomfortable.